Project Management

Pleasant Street will oversee all aspects of your residential project to ensure effective collaboration with your team of professionals.

Owner Advocate

Let Pleasant Street serve as your voice throughout the project to ensure consistency in the messaging and a single point of contact. Save yourself time and stress by allowing your project manager handle all the details.

Architect/Builder Selection

Pleasant Street can aid in the selection process for your architect and builder by completing interviews, checking references, reviewing contracts, and checking credentials to ensure candidates are the best fit for your project.


Contract Review

As a contract is the document that legally binds multiple stakeholders of a construction project, it is not something to take lightly.  Precautions must be taken to protect the signing parties interests, and ensure you don’t start the project at a disadvantage.  At Pleasant Street, we enable our strong negotiating skills and excellent document knowledge to form a contract which gives our client’s the edge.

Builder Bid Process

Managing the bid process is a momentous step in the timeline of any project.  The success or failure of a project can often rest upon builder selection, and comparing apples to apples bids is an arduous process as builders often use their own bid sheet formulations. Our expertise in acquiring and comparing like bids will immensely assist in your builder selection process.

Budget Oversight

Of the three parts of a project, the budget is often considered to be the most important.  Using our hands on experience and sharp cost mitigation experience, we can develop a budget that is both designable and buildable.  In addition, we ensure the budget can be managed, while at the same time extracting the maximum usage out of every dollar spent.  We closely evaluate every item of the project and detect any deficiencies that are not cost effective.

Project Timeline Oversight

Critical decisions relating to any building project need to be made during both the design and construction phases, and can only be done properly if there is a detailed schedule. Pleasant Street will oversee the project timeline to ensure adherence and avoid costly delays.

Value Engineering

Maintaining functionality and quality while mitigating cost is paramount for any construction project.  During value engineering we identify design elements that could be more “cost efficient”, without making any sacrifices that degrade the value of the final product.  Value engineering results in reclaimed capital for the project, which can be applied to many financial applications.  This process is most efficient before construction begins, but we never stop looking for possibilities through the duration of the project.

Designer Selection

Design team selection is equally as important as contractor selection Involving us before the design team is selected allows us to give our recommendation on the personnel which will communicate your vision through plans. 

Project Closeout

Closing out a construction project is a daunting task.  Maintenance manuals must be collected, punch lists finalized, and contracts must be closed out.  Pleasant Street can guide you every step of the way through this process.